2013.09–2018.06 Ph.D. Program, Computer Science and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

    2009.09–2013.06 B.S., Network Engineering, Dept. of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

    Publication & Patent

    L. Zhang, S. Wang, F. Yang, et al. Cognitively Adjusting Imprecise User Preferences for Service Selection [J]. IEEE Trans. Network and Service Management, no. 13, vol. 13, pp. 1-13, 2017. (IF: 3.134)

    L. Zhang, S. Wang, F. Yang, et al. QCSS: A QoE-aware Control Plane for Adaptive Streaming Service over Mobile Edge Computing Infrastructures [C]. Int'l Conf. Web Service, research track, 2018. (Acceptance Rate: 15%)

    L. Zhang, S. Wang, F. Yang, R. N. Chang. QoECenter: A Visual Platform for QoE Evaluation of Streaming Video Service [C]. Int'l Conf. Web Service, research track, pp. 212-219, 2017. (Acceptance Rate: 20%)

    L. Zhang, S. Wang, F. Yang. Towards User Quality of Experience and Selective Attention: A Subtitle-Based Measurement Study [C]. Int'l Conf. Service Computing, pp.872-875, 2016.

    Lingyan Zhang, Shangguang Wang, Ao Zhou, et al. QoECenter: A QoE Evaluation Platform for Adaptive Streaming Video Services Using DASH [J]. IEEE Transactions on Service Computing. (under review)

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    Jie Wei, Shangguang Wang, Lingyan Zhang, et al. Minimizing Data Transmission Latency by Bipartite Graph in MapReduce [C]. IEEE Int'l Conf. CLUSTER Computing, pp:521-522, 2015.

    孙其博, 张凌燕, 王尚广. 一种虚拟机部署方法: 中国, CN201510030371.9[P], 2015-01-21.

    Project Experience

    2015.10-present QoE Platform for Streaming Video Services (

    • Directed the project (including organizing project schedule, supervising task completion, and demonstrating contributions) • Provided source video classification, QoS realization of encoding and network transmission, and context-aware user experience data gathering and analysis • Implemented HTTP-based content control of dynamic adaptive streaming video service, DASH content generation, and MPD file generation.

    2017.07-2017.09 Geospatial Information Analysis (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

    • Provided extensible API for big data management and storage based on geospatial information analysis • Analyzed quality of service based on function and performance testing • Supervised progress completion and wrote project patents and papers.

    2016.01-present Study on Quality of Selection Based on Mobile Internet

    • Managed QoE of streaming video services under mobile edge environment • Designed an edge-cloud algorithm to guarantee overload balancing and quality efficiency improvement • Developed a bit-rate adaptive algorithm based on HTTP dynamic streaming videos to improve mobile terminal QoE.

    2015.01-presentService Selection Mechanism in Converged Network Environment

    • Directed the research on personalize service selection based on user preference • Led the research on service of cognition based on user historical data • Co-authored and published related surveys on the service selection and service recommendation.

    2014.01-2016.12Brain Mechanism for Risk Decision and Service Selection

    • Directed the research on service selection, including managing the connection-oriented network service, analyzing the relationship of risk decision impact with QoE indices • Established a user-experience QoE model based on the brain cognition for achieving optimum service selection.

    Internship & Competition Experience

    2017.07-2017.09Intern in IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

    • Participated in “Physical Analytics Integrated Data Repository and Services” project • Responsible for function and performance testing, API simplification and performance improvement • Wrote project patents and papers from the perspective of service computing

    2014.08-2014.09Intern in China Mobile

    • participated in content production, market research, and event planning of campus publicity and brand promotion activities • Accomplished campus promotion activities in Beijing Language and Culture University and won the best performance award

    2012.07-2012.12Intern in Sina Weibo

    • Participated in demand analysis, test cases and scenario design and run, test development platform management, test results summary, user feedback collection and organization • Accomplished four versions of Sina Weibo client with the demand analysis, test development and online feedback summary

    2016.10 Services Society Scientist Young Forum Research Competition

    • Designed and developed a QoE evaluation platform for streaming video services which had received over eight thousand visits from over 37 countries or regions in three months • Won the outstanding student award from Services Society Scientist Young Forum

    2012.11National Undergraduate Innovation Project Competition

    • Directed a four-person team, responsible for a mobile game program development on android via wireless technology • Won the national innovation award

    Practical Activities

    2014.10-presentReviewer of China Communications, IOV 2014, COLLABORATECOM 2016

    Organizing Committee Member of IOV 2014, ICCSA 2016, COLLABORATE-COM 2016

    Publication Chair of IOV 2014, COLLABORATECOM 2016

    2010.09-presentMonitor, President of Sign Language Club. Minister of the Organization Department

    Volunteer Instructor of Museum of Beihong Xu. Volunteer of Science and Technology Promotion Project

    Honors & Awards

    2016 – 2017Outstanding Graduate Student, State Key Laboratory

    2015 – 2016Outstanding Student Award, Services Society Scientist Young Forum

    2015 – 2016ICCSA 2016, Outstanding Contribution Prize, ICCSA 2016,CollaborateCom 2016 & IOV 2014

    2014 – 2016Best Graduate Student Award,BUPT & Outstanding Student Cadr,BUPT

    2014 – 2016Best Student Award,BUPT & First-Class Scholarship, BUPT

    2010 – 2016Best Student Award, BUPT & First-Class Scholarship,BUPT & National Innovation Award, BUPT

    2011 – 2012Municipal Best Students Award, Education Commission of Beijing

    2010 – 2012First Place of Team Jazz Cheerleading Competition, General Administration of Sport of China


    Proficient with C、C++、Java、Matlab

    Hands-on experience with Open Sources: NS2, FFmpeg, Bento4, xvid_encraw, MP4Box, X264, dash.js, Express, Jade, node.js, etc.

    Good command in both written and spoken English

    Quick and passionate learner, detail-focused, and rigorous attitude for scientific research