A Visualized Platform of QoE Evaluation Platform for Video Streaming Services



Core Features

Realize configurable QoS parameters of streaming video services

Simulate the streaming video lifecycle

Monitor the environment and quality data in system, terminal, and end user

Provide various objective evaluation algorithms and methods in real time

Provide subjective QoE evaluation metrics on customized aspects of user perception

Provide DASH easy-to-use DASH content generation and display tool

Provide all functional capabilities through a web based visual interface

More Details


    Development of a data acquisition and analysis platform for video QoE: track video viewing experiences in real time

    Development and evaluation of QoE metrics: supports multiple algorithms of objective video quality evaluation, and provides subjective QoE evaluations based on user opinions on customized video presentation

    Development of a DASH enabled content generation tool and web client for video adaption


System Block Diagram

    Terminal and End User: records terminal information, monitors user-viewing activities, and collects users’ ratings

    Environment and Interface: the software framework and runtime environment for the user terminal

    QoECenter Controller the target end-to-end video distribution flows from video source to end user terminal

    QoECenter Core Modules three levels of parameter control, data acquisition, and data-driven analysis per the streaming video lifecycle

    Cloud Resources a collection of scalable networking, compute, storage, and data resources


Web Client

    Video list recommendation

    User data & user-viewing activities recoding

    Ratings on customized aspects of user perception

    A dash-enable web client allowing for adaptive bitrate streaming of video


Objective Video Quality Evaluation

Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR)

Structural Similarity Index Metric (SSIM)

Video Quality Measurement (VQM)

QoECenter provides analysis results of multiple algorithms of objective video quality evaluation in real time.

    Brain-Computer Interface Executes Control Commands

    Onboard Payload Application Control

    Video Recording and Transmission

    Satellite Testing and Control

    Satellite Management

All the Data You Need

Source Analysis for Video Information

QoS Parameter Setting for Encoding and Network

DASH Content Generation Parameters & MPD Files

Objective Video Quality Evaluation & Subjective User Ratings

User and Terminal Information

QoECenter exposes visualized interfaces for parameter control and data acquisition from video source level, system process level and end user level, and it provides data analysis consisting of both objective and subjective QoE evaluation.


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Affiliation and Foundation

    State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology

    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

    “Research on Service Selection Mechanism in Integrated Network Environment”, Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61472047).